Custom HORSE & RIDER WITH JUMP OR OBSTACLE Hand Drawn Digital Artwork



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This is for a digital drawing of horse & rider.

You will find Other Digital Art Options in the Custom Digital Horse Art Collection.

Such as:

  • Head to Chest
  • Horse & Rider (can include jumping without the jump)
  • Horse & Rider with Jump or Obstacle


I use a Digital Pen, Drawing Pad and Gimp.

Each digital art piece takes 2-9 hours to complete, depending on the complexity.

Horse & Rider usually takes 3-7 hours to create.

Drawing the background is not included. However you can choose to have a colored background, transparent background or both. You will get a copy with and without my signature.

This is a Digital Product not a physical. You will receive PNG files unless you ask for some other form such as PDF, JPEG etc.


1. Choose which type of digital art product you want such as head to chest, horse and rider etc. (Make sure you order from that product page. They are all different prices.)

2. Pick horse rescue you want me to donate to. Located right under the add to cart button.

3. Upload a clear photo of your horse. Blurry photos make it hard to see detail and it takes longer to draw and won't be as accurate.

4. Include any text you would like if there is any. Horses name. Horse & rider name. Quote. Etc.

5. Include background color you would like. You can write the color name or put a hex number for background. You may also ask simply for a transparent background. Or both.

6. Add anything extra you want me to know in the notes section. 

7. Add to cart and checkout. (You can always email me at with questions.) Add a cell number if you want to be texted when the digital art piece is finished.

8. I will work on the art as soon as possible. If it is going to take more than 5 days which I don't plan on that. I will let you know by the 4th day when I think I will be finished. 

9. When I finish I will email to let you know that the art is finished. You will be sent the files to your email address. If you left a cell number I will text you as well to let you know it is finished.

10. It would be super duper helpful if you wrote a review after you got your digital art drawing I would really appreciate it!


Due to the nature of this kind of product there are no returns or refunds.

However I want you to be happy with your art piece. So if you feel the drawing needs some adjustments, just drop me an email let me know and I will try my best to make it what you were hoping for!

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